Ancestors of

Ian William Leon DUNBAR & Samantha Edith MADDIN


Dunbar and Maddin Associated Ancestry

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  Dunbar Family Ancestors 1841 Lambourne Essex Census Transcript (including Abridge)
    1832 Gloucestershire Electoral Roll Search Engine
  Maddin Family Ancestors Maps of the Isle of Wight

Special Notice

We are seeking anyone with any information about June Graham, who married James
McCormack and had one son, Alistair. If you know of her, please email us at the address given. Many thanks.

This site is designed as a way for people who have common Dunbar, Maddin, Cullen, Bennett, Morris, Homes, Spiers, Messenger, Skelton, Cook, Smith, Dutton, Gibson, Taylor, Walton or Stevenson ancestors to exchange information regarding their common ancestry. Please feel free to E Mail me at with some information regarding this family tree and I can give you more detailed information on all the people mentioned here including a gedcom file for the whole tree.   Links to the history of the Dunbar clan can be found at the following sites:

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